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Home Schools Hot Kiln: Rye High Evac'ed for 20 Minutes

Hot Kiln: Rye High Evac’ed for 20 Minutes

Snowy outside and hot inside over at Rye High and Middle School. Everyone is fine:

From: Frank Alvarez 
To: jaysears@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2016 
Subject: MS/HS Campus Evacuated Briefly

Dear Parents and Guardians of Middle and High School Students:

The Middle and High School building evacuated early this morning due to a heat alarm reacting to a kiln in the one of the art classrooms. The Rye Police and Fire Departments responded promptly, and the “all clear” was issued quickly. Students were outside for less than 20 minutes. Fortunately, many still had their coats on or were able to get them prior to leaving the building. Thank you for your patience; the safety of our students, faculty and staff is always of paramount interest.

Frank Alvarez


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