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Rye Mayor Says Topple the Tunnel

Rye Mayor Joe Sack came out against the Cuomo Long Island to Rye tunnel proposal in his State of the City address. We think the particular comments on the tunnel are worth calling out to keep a light on this issue.

Inauguration Sack

(PHOTO: Sack the tunnel.)

The big question now is what will Sack, Otis and Latimer do now to thwart the $5 million Cuomo wants to fund the tunnel study.

Here are Sack's remarks:

"…Ed Grainger is one of Rye’s most famous mayors, for his role during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in fighting New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the powerful Robert Moses over their plans to build a bridge from Oyster Bay, across the Long Island Sound, and right through the heart of Rye.  Ed will always be remembered for winning that fight and saving our community.

Not long ago, in December 2014, at the celebration of the 50thAnniversary of City Hall, Ed regaled us from this very spot, about how he did it.  That videotape, which you can find on the City website, is quite a piece of oral history.  I’d encourage you students to take a look, and maybe even do a report for some extra credit at school….

Unbelievably, the same threat which Mayor Grainger thwarted over 40 years ago is upon us again.  Last week, Governor Cuomo announced plans to study not a bridge, but a tunnel, from Long Island, possibly to Westchester, possibly through Rye.

The resulting construction and traffic would have devastating impacts on the Sound Shore region.  In Rye, it would forever alter for the worse our quality of life.

Another former Rye Mayor, Steve Otis, whose picture also hangs on the wall, now serves us in the state legislature, as does former Council member George Latimer.  I am confident that they will strongly represent our interests on this issue in Albany.

I myself would encourage Governor Cuomo to think more like a mayor.  He ought to consider the impacts that this project would have on what matters most to most people – the place we live with our families, the place we call home.

The Governor should know that we will vigorously oppose any bridge or tunnel that interferes with the homes and environment of our City.  And we pledge to support other Sound Shore communities in their opposition to any bridge or tunnel running through their towns.

Just as the bumper stickers from decades ago implored the Governor to “Ban the Bridge,” the rallying cry today from the City of Rye’s perspective must be “Topple the Tunnel.”"


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