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Rye Resident Produces NHL Road to the Winter Classic on Epix

Ross greenburg rye

TV sports producer and former president of HBO Sports Ross Greenburg of Rye is working on Road to the Winter Classic. It's a series leading up to the NHL outdoor game between Boston and Montreal.

The series will air on Epix and you can see the first three episodes now.

Road to the NHL winter classic

Last year, when Epix had just taken over the series from HBO, Greenburg told SB Nation "I think this program will hopefully be a mainstay, because they see the success of it. In many ways, EPIX takes me back to my early days at HBO. It's grown because of the programming we put on the air. If you put it on, they will come. That's the whole point. What was AMC before "Mad Men"? So, I think this is one of many shows they showcase as their product to try to attract viewers."

He continued: "That's what the business is about. I think you'll not only see this show stick around, but I would look forward to a lot more documentaries on EPIX. We're constantly looking for more sports programming to put on. It's fun to be there at the dawn of a new network, because you're able to build something based on the special programming."

Greenburg spoke with LoHud.com about this year's efforts in a video you can view here.


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