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Snow Day Give Backs at Rye Schools

More vacation, coming up, thanks to the unusually warm weather:

"Dear Rye City School District Parents and Guardians:

Winter has been kind this year! We have not used any snow/emergency days to date. As a result, schools and offices will be closed on Monday, March 28. As a result, the Spring Recess will now encompass the days from Monday, March 21 through Monday, March 28. Schools and offices will reopen on Tuesday, March 29.

Please be aware that if we continue to have no snow days, schools and offices will also be closed on Monday, April 25 and on Tuesday, May 31. I will communicate about those days at the end of March or beginning of April.
For more information, please reference the 2015-16 School Calendar by clicking here.

Frank Alvarez"


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