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New Novel, Set in Rye

A new novel, The Way I've Heard It Should Be, is about life in the Rye suburbs among the one percenters.

The way i've heard it should be rachael cullen

Amazon describes the book by first time author Rachael Cullen: "You never know what you have until it's gone. The story of four women living seemingly perfect lives in an exclusive Manhattan suburb – filled with beautiful people, over-sized bank accounts and gorgeous homes. But in reality, they are each unsatisfied, looking to fill a void, and are a testament to the myth of the adage ‘the grass is always greener.' While searching for the impossible, these four friends create a spiral of destruction where they each stand to lose what is most important to them."

A taste of an excerpt:

"Rye is a small town in Westchester. It is an affluent town made up mostly of people who commute into Manhattan for work, but still want to live the indyllic suburban life – which is why we moved here six years ago. It is a beautiful town along the Long Island Sound, with dozens of estates well over $10 million, but less than 25 miles from the center of Manhattan – easy to see how it is an appealing destination, at least for those that can afford it."

Says one Amazon commenter on the book "(Cullen) provides access and insight into the world of the 1% surrounding NYC in a individual manner that makes the experience feel human. If you are looking for good character writing, a well paced overall story and access to the mind of the troubled elite then you should take this book for a spin."

You can purchase the book on Amazon






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