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Poss Perv in Blue Jeep

Report of a possible concerning incident with a driver of a blue jeep approaching a child walking home from Osborn School…

Note from school issued Wednesday is just below.

Perv alert

"Dear Rye City School District Parents and Guardians:
A parent reported a suspicious incident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon near Osborn School in Rye. A child was walking home from school near Boston Post Road and Osborn Road when a male in a blue Jeep pulled alongside the child and inquired where the child was going. The child ran away and the vehicle left the area. We have been in touch with the Rye Police Department and they have told us they are increasing patrols around the schools beginning this afternoon.
When incidents like this are brought to our attention, it is an opportunity for us to review safety rules with our children. Please take time to speak to your children about avoiding contact with strangers and circumstances that may increase their vulnerability. Encourage them to speak with you about situations that make them feel uncomfortable. Below, please find some "Stranger Danger" reminders to use when talking with your children:
· Do not talk to strangers
· Never approach a vehicle with a stranger inside
· Never enter a vehicle with a stranger
· When possible, walk in public areas and walk in groups
· If approached by a stranger, run to safety
· Try to remember license plate numbers or other descriptive information
· Call 911 immediately to report suspicious behavior to the Police or ask an adult to do so for you
I encourage you to reinforce basic safety precautions with your children on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
Frank Alvarez


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