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Rye’s David M. Durst is Dead

Rye's David M. Durst, of the Durst real estate family and uncle to the infamous Robert Durst, is dead.

From the NY Times:

"At his day job, David M. Durst oversaw construction of eight Manhattan skyscrapers over the course of three decades. Outside the office, he combined his talent as an engineer with his love of art and whimsy, creating metal drum sculptures, raw wood constructions and sculptures assembled from concrete blocks.

He was also one of the first developers to commission a public sculpture for an office tower: “Windward,” by Jan Peter Stern, on the sidewalk in front of 655 Third Avenue, between 41st and 42nd Streets in Manhattan.

Mr. Durst, the last of three brothers who built office towers along Third Avenue and Avenue of the Americas, died on Friday in Rye, N.Y. He was 90….

Born on May 19, 1925, in Mount Vernon, N.Y., David Durst was the youngest of five children born to Joseph Durst, a Polish immigrant who worked his way up from pushcart vendor on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to garment factory owner and real estate investor, and his wife, Rose…

Besides his son Jody, who is now president of the Durst Organization, Mr. Durst is survived by his second wife, Carola; his daughters, Laurel Strong and Robin Durst; his other sons, Josh and Kristoffer; and nine grandchildren."

Read the full obit.


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