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Seinfeld, Car & Nothing in Rye

Vintage 1959 Triumph TR3 close up w caption

(PHOTO: One comedian, in a car… at Wainwright. Credit: Mary de Barros.)

Another day in Rye and nothing happened. This time with Jerry Seinfeld.

The comedian showed up at Rye's Wainwright House to film an upcoming June episode of his online show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The production company found a photo of Wainwright House online and decided the stately looking venue would be a perfect backdrop for the 1959 English Triumph TR 3 Seinfeld drives in the episode.

Seinfeld at Wainwright House Photo

(PHOTO: William Guyre, right, President of the Board of Trustees of Wainwright House, welcomed Jerry Seinfeld to the Rye venue. Credit: Mary de Barros.)

The episode will feature Seinfeld having coffee with John Oliver, but apparently the "coffee talk" is shot somewhere else and only Seinfeld was at the Wainwright shoot. "There is nothing set up for Seinfeld to come back to Wainwright to film with John Oliver. I wish he would," said Mary de Barros, Events Coordinator at Wainwright House.

"But usually, the actual drinking of the coffee and the interaction between Seinfeld and the other comedian is done in a restaurant.
I haven't heard where or when that will take place. He was very nice and friendly when he came here. We told him to come back anytime."

The production company made a donation to Wainwright House.


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