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Friends of the African American Cemetery Fight Hate the “Solidarity Saturday”

Just a few weeks ago, the African American Cemetery in Rye (part of the Greenwood Cemetery) was vandalized just before Memorial Day ceremonies with the hate mongers stripping the American flags from display, causing Rye PD to initiate a hate crime investigation.

Aa cem david thomas

(PHOTO: David Thomas of Friends of the African American Cemetery told WCBS "to have this happen to these veterans in just unconscionable") 

The flags were replaced for Memorial Day, but to show love wins over hate, Friends of the African American Cemetery is holding a "Solidarity Saturday" this weekend. Details on the event are below and on the group's Facebook page.

If you don't know much about the cemetery, LoHud.com has a nice write-up.

Solidarity Saturday

Please join us as we honor and celebrate the lives of our neighbors and friends buried at the historic Rye Town African American Cemetery

When: Saturday June 18, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Where: Greenwood Union Cemetery 215 North Street, Rye, NY 10580

Aa cem pano

Dear Friends,

We are saddened to report that our traditional Memorial Day celebration at the African American Cemetery has been marred by hate filled vandals. The vandals went to the African American Cemetery where they stripped the cloth portion of the American flags from the sticks supporting the flags.

Over the stone wall, in the adjacent Greenwood Union Cemetery, the veterans’ flags were left untouched. Thanks to American Legion Post 93, the missing flags were quickly replaced before the ceremony, but the empty sticks were left in place lest people forget the despicable act perpetrated at this historic site. This kind of act clearly aims to denigrate our community and the veterans buried in our landmark cemetery. It seems clear that someone was trying to send a heinous message to our community.

Aa cem pd commish

(PHOTO: Rye PD Commish Corcoran told WCBS this is "something we are not going to tolerate".)

The friends of the African American Cemetery are determined to generate a community wide response that makes clear that these kinds of reprehensible acts have no place in our community. We are therefore planning an event to take place at the African American Cemetery Saturday June 18th at 10:00 AM that we are calling Solidarity Saturday.

The goal of the event is to honor the good citizens and veterans buried there as well as celebrate the wonderful work of healing that has been done at this cemetery in recent years. Please come join us next Saturday to celebrate the bonds that unite us making clear to all that there is no place for hate in our community. We would very much appreciate your attendance.

Respectfully, Friends of the African American Cemetery.


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