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Rye Town Park Will Not Be Privatized

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Rye Town Park, governed by an amalgam of the Town of Rye, and the Villages of Rye Brook and Port Chester, has decide to bail on the idea of privatizing park operations after reviewing the various RFQs (request for qualifications) that were returned for consideration.

The Rye Town commission, according to LoHud.com: "

voted unanimously to reject all four proposals it had solicited from private companies, leaving only the Rye City plan still on the table.

The vote came three days after residents and four commission members spoke against possible privatization at a community forum.

“There was no appetite among the commissioners with the privatization proposals, and that reflects a lot of the sentiment brought forth by the public,” Rye Town Supervisor Gary Zuckerman said."

The only good news is there is still a chance for a Seaside Johnnies' upgrade:

"Park Commission members have not made a final decision; they say they'll concentrate on leasing the restaurant to a private company for now as they continue to discuss the park's management situation."

We'll see what happens…


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