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Trump University and its Rye Connection Surfaces Again

Trump University and it's connection to Rye resident Michael Sexton, one of the masterminds behind the "fake" Trump University, has made headlines again.

Sexton and Trump

(PHOTO: Rye resident Michael Sexton with The Donald.)

Most recently The Donald went on the attack against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who ordered the Trump University "playbooks" released to the public. Trump's rants were seen by many as racist as he said the judge could not be fair because he was of Mexican decent.

TRUMP Trump U Hillary

Sexton's name surfaced again when parts of depositions were used in some of the media stories, including this one from the AP:

"When future Trump University President Michael Sexton pitched Trump on the deal, he wanted to pay Trump a flat fee in a licensing deal. Trump rejected that, Sexton said in a deposition.

Trump "felt this was a very good business, and he wanted to put his own money into it," said Sexton, who ended up receiving $250,000 a year from Trump to run a business in which Trump held more than a 90 percent stake. The design of the Trump University operating agreement "was entirely in the hands of the Trump legal team," Sexton said…

Trump reviewed the advertising for Trump University's courses, Sexton said. And he did not believe Trump ever looked at what the three-day seminars included.

"Mr. Trump is not going to go through a 300-page, you know, binder of content," Sexton said…

On Thursday, Trump stood by Trump University in public comments on social media, writing that he planned to reopen Trump University. Such a move would be surprising, however, because Trump University has ceased to exist, has no assets, and according to a deposition by Sexton, was not meeting the Trump Organization's financial expectations."

Read the entire AP story.


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