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Home Government Big Pole Near You? Map Shows Proposed Big "Mini" Cell Towers

Big Pole Near You? Map Shows Proposed Big “Mini” Cell Towers

If you have been reading about Crown Castle, the company fronting for Verizon, and its proposal to erect 50+ new cell towers around Rye City, you can check this map and list of proposed pole locations.

Crown Castle Tower LOcations Proposed

DOWNLOAD this map and a list of proposed street locations for these cell towers.

Read recent reader letters from Carolina Johnson and Thomas Putnam and what they say about threats to home values and other potential impacts.

  1. Ted, Thanks for posting the map. It’s helpful to see the spread across Rye. And while Cell coverage for us T-mobile users is awful on Milton point, I understand that the intention of the new poles / towers is for wifi-like internet access as opposed to telephone service. Regardless, they’re a problem for the affected home owners and their abutting neighbors. Hopefully we’ll see the City apply its own laws. This issue seems to me to be at least as important as the City insisting on its role in the permitting / approval process for work at Playland.


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