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Outside Watering Banned in Rye City – $250 Fines; Golf Courses Partially Exempt

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Effective immediately, the City of Rye has declared a Water Emergency after notification from SUEZ Water that there is a water supply emergency due to low water supply reservoir levels. All outside watering is banned until further notice. Violations issued by the Rye Police Department are subject to penalties up to $250.

The Water Emergency applies to all City of Rye residents who receive their water from SUEZ. City residents in the Greenhaven section, Hannon Place, and parts of The Preserve would be exempt as they receive their water from Westchester Joint Water Works who has not called for a water emergency.

Please see attached Resolution to declare a Water Emergency in the City of Rye regarding current water supply conditions as recommended by the Suez and Aquarion Water Companies.

Here is the resolution passed by Rye city council:


WHEREAS, portions of the City of Rye receive water from Suez of Westchester; and 

WHEREAS, under City Code Chapter 194, “Water Conservation”, the City Council has the authority to declare an emergency when it is notified by a water company that water use restrictions must be put in place; and 

WHEREAS, the City has been informed by Suez of Westchester that the local reservoir that supplies our community’s drinking water is down by about 60% capacity, due to the lack of rain and increased water usage demand;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the following water use restrictions for Suez of Westchester County customers only, are in place until further notice:

  1. Any outside watering is prohibited by use of sprinkling systems or other commercial
    watering systems;
  2. All Golf Clubs in the City of Rye shall not water any of the rough but is permitted to
    continue watering the fairways, greens and tees; and
  3. Hand-held hose watering is permitted.
  1. So many issues with this action by the City.

    Any planned enforcement or will this be another case (see leaf blower ban; see plastic bag ban) of neighbors having to report on neighbors?

    How are people who aren’t on the City’s e-mail list serve or who don’t read this website to find out about this emergency and fine etc?

    Since Suez gets water from both NY and CT, why not just shift 100% of consumption to NY? This approach is based on Suez saying that they get water from both systems AND that NY has no issue.

    Have all surrounding communities which also use Suez / CT water enacted a similar ban? Let’s consider Purchase for example.

    Yes, it’s been dry and action is probably needed, but this one seems half baked.


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