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Rye City Targeted by Creepy Clowns?

This seems like some sort of alternate universe.

I just got an email from the Superintendent of Schools about clowns… creepy ones…

Creepy clown

Apparently Rye City has been "identified" by a creepy clown, part of a nationwide hoax that has elevated itself to warnings from The White House

Our roads and bridges are crumbling, healthcare and pension costs are draining our city, but we've got extra patrols looking for idiots wearing clown costumes.

I feel like I'm in an alternate universe.

Here is the email missive from Rye schools:

"Good evening.

I am sure you have been reading about the "creepy clown" activity that is happening in many places and seems to have come to Westchester. We have received information suggesting our area has been identified by one such clown. While there are many reasons to suspect this is a hoax, we will proceed with caution. Our security personnel will be extra vigilant and the police will provide extra patrols around our schools.

While I truly believe that there is no cause for alarm, situations such as this are good reminders to discuss issues of personal safety with our children.

Brian Monahan, Ph.D."


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