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With Seaside Johnnies Gone, Rye Town Park Scrambles for a Replacement

Well… this is not exactly long term planning….


The Rye Town Park is scrambling for a replacement after failing to reach a contract agreement with Seaside Johnnies.

It looks like we'll see a patchwork process to fill the gap for summer 2017 until a more formal process can be run for the 2018 season.

Here is the announcement from Rye Town Park seeking "letters of interest" from food service vendors:

RTP aerial

The Rye Town Park Commission (RTPC) is seeking letters of interest from qualified vendors to provide food service and related amenities for its park patrons for the spring/summer season of 2017.

The selected company or companies would take over the facilities formerly occupied by Seaside Johnnies. These include a beach side restaurant, beach shop and snack bar located next to the Park’s iconic Administration Building, Pavilions and Bath House. In addition there is a second snack bar located at the north entrance of the park. The restaurant comprises approximately 1,260 square feet plus a bar of 1,581square feet and 3,176 square foot outdoor terrace. Proposals may be for one, some, or all of the facilities.

Included in the letter of interest would be the following: A formal expression of interest;

A concept of the use of the space(s);

A summary of experience and ability to operate;

A statement of readiness to commence operations on or about May 1, 2017; A proposed fee arrangement.

The Commission is also planning an extensive search for a long-­‐term licensee for the period 2018 and beyond. A formal RFP (Request for Proposals) process will commence early next year.

Rye Town Park consists of 62 acres and is located at 95 Dearborn Avenue in the City of Rye.  The park is directly south of Playland Amusement Park.

Letters of interest including the above details should be emailed to Deborah Reisner at DReisner@TownofRyeNY.com on or before Thursday, January 12. For further information or questions, Ms. Reisner can be reached at 914 939-­‐3075, ext. 101.


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