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Linking Handlebars Needs 250 Bicycles

Linking handlebars

(PHOTO: Rye Mayor Joe Sack interviews the founders of Linking Handlebars Lucia Villani, Cristiana Villani, Bridget Salice and Jenna Cammisa during an Eye on Rye interview in June 2013.)

Linking Handlebars needs 250 bicycles.

Linking Handlebars, a not-for-profit organization run by Lucia Villani, Cristiana Villani, Luca Villani, and Jack Bateman, provides the simple privileges of healthier lifestyle, enjoyment of the outdoors and easy transportation to the less fortunate children in our local area by supplying them with bikes. 

The group has provided 810 bicycles to kids in need.

You can donate your gently used bicycle for the group's spring distribution. Email linkinghandlebars@gmail. com for more information. If you are a Rye student and need community service hours, help the group clean and refurbish bikes. 


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