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Immigration Policy Resolution at Rye City Council Wednesday

Reaction to Trump's immigration politics and wall-building has finally flowed down to the City of Rye. In a last minute addition to Wednesday's city council agenda over the weekend, the council will consider "a Resolution establishing guidelines and policies regarding immigration and citizenship status".

Immigation agenda

The resolution notes that Rye PD will not "stop, question, interrogate, investigate or arrest" solely on the basis of "actual or suspected immigration or citizenship status" or ’Civil immigrant detainer’ or an administrative warrant in the individual’s name or an immigration detainer in the individual’s name, including those identified in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database." The NCIC is a crime database maintained by the FBI.

City Councilwoman Danielle Tagger-Epstein told MyRye.com "This resolution has been worked on over the course of the past several weeks – I have worked closely with Public Safety Commissioner Corcoran , the Human Rights Commission and Corporation Counsel Wilson. We wanted to create a policy that is enforceable – basically a public safety policy. It makes sure that people will continue to report crimes, feel safe, is a good use of our limited resources and allow our police to have the ability to do their job. This policy mirrors the County in some ways, but is much stronger in that we will specifically require our officers to inquire about immigration status when we arrest individuals for a felony or drunk driving."

Other highlights: "in the absence of a judicial warrant, the Rye Police shall not honor ICE or CBP requests for certain personal information about the individual.

And shockingly, in the year 2017, we need a resolution to say this:

"AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that it is further policy of the City of Rye that City resources not be used to create or assist in the creation of any registry, including a Federal registry, that is based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or national origin."

Read the resolution.

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  1. This is disappointing. The law is the law. Police don’t just stop people at random unless they have reasonable suspicion that the person is or is about to commit a crime so police aren’t about to just stop someone and ask about their immigration status. 2. If you commit any crime and the police catch you, whether that is for a violation, misdemeanor or felony they run a warrant check on you. If you are wanted by ICE then they should and must hand you over. That’s the law! None of this only if they are caught for a felony or DWI. Complete bogus. I expect better of a republican dominated council. They need to throw out this resolution and go by what’s written in the laws of the US. Commit any crime and if wanted by ICE you get handed over. Just like if you were wanted in another town or city.


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