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PHOTOS: Rye Marshlands Fire Aftermath

MyRye.com has exclusive photos showing the damage done to the Rye Marshlands Sanctuary by the brush fire on Monday, April 17, 2017.

Fire 1 IMG_7872

(PHOTO: The overlook at the end of the field looking down to Milton harbor.)

Fire 2 IMG_7875

(PHOTO: Down the hill towards the peninsula out in Milton harbor. This area is typically very tall reeds.)

Fire 3 IMG_7878

(PHOTO: Along the same trail as above. This area is typically low marsh grass.)

Fire 4 IMG_7880

(PHOTO: Fire damage out on the peninsula around the long abandoned house.)

Fire 5 IMG_7881

(PHOTO: Same area as above looking back towards the mainland.)

Fire 6 IMG_7888

(PHOTO: Path leading back up the hill and the large field. It is easy to see all the brush and marsh grass that was removed by the fire.)



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