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Bill Clinton For Rye School Board Candidate

The write-in votes have been recorded. We know the budget passed and Karen Belanger and Blake Jines-Storey were re-elected to the Rye School Board.

But did you know Bill Clinton received a write-in vote for Rye School Board? Or that Donald Trump tied Clinton with a single write-in vote? Or that Mr. Met and Mrs. Met – for the second year running – also received write-in votes?


(PHOTO: Write-In candidate Bill Clinton. He lost to Karen Belanger and Blake Jines-Storey.)

The few (votes), the proud, The Write-Ins:

School Board Election May 16, 2017
Write–In Ballot Results

Culyer, James 5
Zahm, Robert 3
Tuttle, Douglas 3
Fat Al 2
Mehler, Jason 2
Surhoff, Mark 2
Tuch, Steven 2
Anderson, Jane 1
Ball, Andy 1
Becton, Laura 1
Belle, Howie 1
Bodnar, Andrew 1
Breitel, Andrew 1
Burgess, Lincoln 1
Calise, Andrea 1
Chief Wiggum 1
Clinton, Bill 1
Daley, Julia 1
Davies, Suzanne 1
DeFrondeville, Bertrand 1
Glass, Tanner 1
Harpp-Mehlbroek, Emily 1
Hartzell, John 1
Hounsell, Sonia 1
Howard, Emily 1
Howard, Jamie 1
LeGaye, Kelly 1
Marino, Julia 1
Mecca, Richard 1
Mr. Met 1
Mrs. Met 1
Moran, Patrick 1
Mouse, Mickey 1
Nelson, Scott RCDS 1
Nye, Steve 1
Pasquale, Nancy 1
Peters, Jonathan W. 1
Peters, Margaret P. 1
Rizzo, Frank 1
Scott, Michael 1
Secon, Steve 1
Soriano, Ron 1
Stack, Michael 1
Talleyrand, Maurice 1
Trump, Donald 1
Tuch, Robin 1
Tuttle, Abby 1
Belanger, Karen 0
Jines-Storey, Blake 0


Rye Schools spokesperson Sarah Derman explained the zero votes: "You will note that at bottom it indicates Karen Belanger and Blake Jines-Storey, followed by a zero because one person wrote in Karen Belanger after also voting for her, and one person wrote in Blake Jines-Storey after also voting for him."


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