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Otis: To Sack–I’m Out Of Town; To Residents–Call Me & Here are the Facts (Again)

The Otis – Sack debate on the Thruway property continues. 


By Former Rye Mayor and current State Assemblyman Steve Otis

(NOTE: hyperlinks added by MyRye.com for reader reference)

When the Mayor published his latest post yesterday he had already been notified, as of June 26, that I would be out of town during the July 12 Council meeting. Factually, there are no issues in dispute. The materials I provided on June 21 detail the accurate information regarding these matters.

The important issue for Rye residents is whether sound-decision making will be used, including appropriate scrutiny of the financial consequences, in determining what is affordable regarding Disbrow, the Thruway parcel, DPW or the many other infrastructure needs of the city, such as roads, sidewalks, our sewer system or flood control.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with any interested residents about these issues. I can always be contacted at my district office at (914) 939-7028.

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