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Home Government Sack to Otis on Thruway Property: Come to Council Meeting

Sack to Otis on Thruway Property: Come to Council Meeting

Rye Mayor Joe Sack, in the most recent sparring with former Rye Mayor and current State Assemblyman Steve Otis over the Thruway property, is suggesting Otis attend a city council meeting ostensibly to air points of view.

The two elected officials are clearly not on the same page–to say the least.


By Rye Mayor Joe Sack:

Hello Jay,

I'd like to keep giving Steve the benefit of the doubt, but his repeated refusal to take ownership of pushing through the sale of the property to a private school, when the City asked him not to do so because we wanted to consider it for our own use, is testing that.

And Steve's persistence in leading folks to believe that the City's only focus is to move public works facilities to the site, when that is but one of many options we are considering, including use of the site as public field space, is also quite frustrating.

This back and forth letter format seems not to be working as an efficient way to test wayward statements. I have invited Steve to attend our Council meeting to answer these questions in person. That offer still stands.

Thank you again for providing this forum, Joe


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