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REPORT: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Renting in Rye

In 2008, it was A-Rod and Madonna.

In 2017, it's Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

The New York Post reports the two are renting a waterfront home in Rye.

(PHOTO: Biel in the couple's Rye yard.)

"Pop music legend Justin Timberlake and actress wife Jessica Biel, the latter of whom is making a splash in USA’s new drama “The Sinner,” are living it up (likely with son Silas) this summer at a Westchester rental in tony Rye….

But outside of Manhattan’s confines, suburban fans are in a tizzy over spotting the stylish couple at the Whole Foods in nearby Port Chester, at a local ice cream shop and at the Westchester Country Club, our neighborhood spies say.

Biel appears to love the rental home so much that she posted an Instagram video in June from the backyard, which reveals a gorgeous stone pool deck and a dock for boats.

The property, which is located south of town, was recently on the sales market for $10.9 million until the listing was pulled in June."

See the full report.


  1. I certainly wish our famous renters well and that they enjoy the privacy they deserve. I also hope they are not considering getting pregnant during their residency. The tip of Hen Island is visible just after Ms. Biel lands her cartwheel. My current story in the adjacent left column – “Field Guide to Rye Municipal Corruption – 2017 Special Edition” provides a 2013 city video link in paragraph 4 describing the West Nile & Zika transmitting mosquito confirmed breeding on Hen Island. Nothing has changed out there since then. Please be careful & safe Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Biel. We’re very glad you’re here.


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