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Home Food Restaurant Review: Mexican-Peruvian at Incazteca in Port Chester

Restaurant Review: Mexican-Peruvian at Incazteca in Port Chester


Why go to Mexican or Peruvian when you can have them both at the same time?


Incazteca – 480 – is a small charmer in Port Chester that serves what feels like home cooking. One warning – or benefit – depending on how you see it – the restaurant does  not have a liquor license. Call ahead and ask if you can bring beer or a bottle of wine.


(PHOTO: Prepare to take a nap or go to bed early after enjoying the big, bad Icazteca. Muy bueno!)

The hands down winner is the Icazteca dish – chicken and chorizo served on a bed of fried rice. How can any dish with two meats not be good? If you can finish this in a single sitting, you should be on one of those "man vs. food" shows on TV. It's a gut buster, but so good.


(PHOTO: Yuka is not yuka.)

We also enjoyed the fried yuka with huancaina sauce – the Peruvian version of cheese fries that will make you feel closer to Peruvian people everywhere.


(PHOTO: Not one milk, but tres leches.)

And finally, before you roll out of the joint, a piece of Tres Leches, or milk cake.

Incazteca – 480

480 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573, (914) 305-5400

Seven days a week, 7am – 10pm (that's hard work!)



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