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Rye Candidates: The Joe Sack Ten-Minute Interview

Sack vid photo

Your Name:  Joe Sack

I’m running for: Re-election as Mayor of Rye

I am: Mayor of Rye

What is your political affiliation?  Republican

MyRye.com: Why are you running?

Sack: I’d like to keep serving my role in managing Rye’s success.  My teammates and I have done such an effective job, it’s easy to forget how bad it was just four years ago, in the wake of the Rye Golf Club scandal and the crisis in leadership at City Hall.

But with an honest and common-sense approach, we’ve been able to address not only the everyday issues of keeping Rye safe, clean and fun (as I tell the second-graders on tours of Council chambers!), but also the hot-button issues of the day, including Playland, rock chipping, off-leash dogs at Rye Town Park, United Hospital development, union contract negotiations, the master plan revision, Crown Castle, Thruway/Disbrow improvement concepts, the list is seemingly endless.

Rye needs a team that will lead the community through these issues with consensus and collaboration.  Based on our proven track record, our team – including Councilman Terry McCartney, Susan Watson and Elizabeth Parks – continues to be that team.   


(PHOTO: All Rye team of Joe Sack, Susan Watson, Elizabeth Parks and Terry McCartney.)      

MyRye.com: Why are you running now?

Sack:  All of my life experiences, as an attorney, coach, husband, father, and long-time public servant, have informed my approach as Mayor.  I’ve learned that to be a good Mayor, you need to be immersed in Rye, it’s people, and it’s history.  You also need to employ a sense of humor, a thick skin, and most importantly, humility.  I believe that I am the best candidate who aspires to these qualities.  I would be honored and privileged if my friends and neighbors voted to keep me working hard for all of Rye.

MyRye.com: What are the three most important issues facing the City of Rye?


  • Controlling our unfunded liabilities, which total nearly $78 million, including future employee and retiree health care costs, twice the size of our annual operating budget. If we can’t manage these expenses, we won’t be able to address all of our other wants and needs, including field space, parking, pedestrian safety, sewer upgrades, road repairs, marina dredging, the list is virtually endless.
  • Prioritizing all of our wants and needs – see above. There is no shortage of ideas on where we should invest our resources.  The key is to engage in a comprehensive community conversation to determine the path forward that has as much buy-in as possible.
  • Ensuring that good government, not partisan politics, is the motivating factor for all of Rye’s elected officials. This is my fourth run for office, but the first time I’ve had to avail myself of the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee, which hears complaints of unfair tactics.  The committee found that my opponents published unfair and misleading ads about my positions.  Unfortunately, the false statements have continued.  These regrettable tactics, which we see on TV and elsewhere, should have no place in a small town like Rye.

MyRye.com: Describe your government and civic experience.

Sack:  Before serving as Mayor, I served 6 years as a Councilman.  This experience was invaluable, in terms of watching what worked and didn’t work, learning all the necessary ins and outs of the process, and developing relationships with City staff (the best in the business!) and local stakeholders and opinion makers.  Before that, I served as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  My colleagues on the ZBA were and still are the wise women and men of Rye, who taught me so much about listening respectfully to all differing perspectives, and resolving disputes between neighbors.  I served as a Rye Little League coach for many years, and I still serve as a CYO basketball coach – there’s nothing more rewarding.

MyRye.com: What’s one nice thing you can say about your opponents?

Sack:  My opponents have participated fully in the Crown Castle process and have been strong advocates in articulating their perspective.

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local pizzeria? 

Sack:  Piazza

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant for a casual meal with family? 

Sack:  Dock Deli

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant that delivers?

Sack: Almost as good as delivery – texting in an order to Jerry’s.  The McGuire family feeds our on-the-go family multiple meals many weekends!

MyRye.com: How long have you lived in Rye?

Sack:  17 years

MyRye.com: Why did you choose to live in Rye?

Sack: My wife Kerri’s cousin’s lived here before us and rolled out the welcome wagon.  I grew up in Ossining/Briarcliff, so always knew of Rye’s great reputation.  Plus, Rye was the approximate equidistant point between both sets of grandparents, as Kerri grew up in Manhasset.  The clincher was the prospect of playing golf at Rye Golf Club every weekend; instead, you can usually find me (gladly!) driving to our kids’ soccer games and practices.  One day…

Your LinkedIn profile:  Joseph Sack, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Your Facebook page:  AllRye

Your campaign web site:  www.AllRye.com

  1. Joe Sack has allowed the continued raw sewage to pollute Milton Harbor from nonexistent septic systems on Hen Island. He refused to enforce current health and safety codes which would stop the mosquito breeding storage of thousands of gallons of water. Send him the same message we sent to Otis and French. Vote him out and let him know we will not sacrifice the health and safety of our residents for his political patriotism.



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