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Rye Planning Commission Tuesday: Four Acre Estate on Apawamis Getting Subdivided

The planning commission is Tuesday, October 17, 2017. We've got a four acre estate on the Apawamis course being subdivided, Con Ed getting gas and Christ Episcopal selling trees.

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October 17, 2017, 7pm
Held in the City Council Hearing Room of the Rye City Hall


Con Ed Yard

(PHOTO: Con Ed yard.)

1. Con Edison (Continued from October 3, 2017) Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#369) Location: 178 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Sheet 146.10 , Block 1 Lot(s) 70 Applicant: Con Edison Project Description: Installation of Seasonal CNG Trailers

Note: "CNG" is compressed natural gas. No idea why CNG is seasonal.


1. Con Edison
See Description Above

Christ Episcopal Church

(PHOTO: Selling Xmas trees at Christ Episcopal Church.)

2. Christ Episcopal Church Required Approval(s): Use Permitted Subject to Add. Stnds. Reqs. Location: 2 Rectory Street, Sheet 146.11, Block 1, Lot(s) 10.1 Applicant: Crispian Thorne Project Description: Temporary Sale of Christmas Trees

214 central avenue

(PHOTO: Subdividing 214 Central Avenue.)

3. 214 Central Avenue Required Approval(s): Subdivision (SUB#346) Location: 214 Central Avenue, Sheet 146.6, Block 2, Lot(s) 54 Applicant: 214 Central Avenue Associates, LLC Project Description: Removal of existing three-family residence, subdivision of lot into two compliant lots, and construction of two two-family residences.

723 BPR

(PHOTO: 723 Boston POst Road building in the wetland buffer.)

4. 723 Boston Post Road Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#428) Location: 723 Boston Post Road, Sheet 146.14, Block 1, Lot(s) 36 Applicant: James M. Crisp, c/o Crisp Architects Project Description: Addition of an attached garage, front porch, and driveway modification partially within the 100-foot wetland buffer.

3 club road rye ny 1

(PHOTO: Subdividing a four acre property at 3 Club Road on the Apawamis course into three development lots.)

5. 3 Club Road Required Approval(s): Subdivision (SUB#347) Location: 3 Club Road, Sheet 146.6, Block 1, Lot(s) 12.1 Applicant: Steven Hash Project Description: Subdivision of existing lot into three zoning-compliant lots for single-family residential development.

3 club road rye ny 2 price history

Note: Zillow price history shows 3 Club Road was sold in 2015 for $10.6 million and then unexplainably sold again two months later for $20,000. Not sure if this is a mistake or financial engineering of a subdivision (see chart above).

280 Purchase Street

(PHOTO: Rockridge Deli & Flowers at 280 Purchase.)

6. 280 Purchase Street Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#367) Location: 280 Purchase Street, Sheet 139.19, Block 3, Lot(s) 5.2 Applicant: Rocco Lagana Project Description: Consideration of recommendation to City Council to re-zone a portion of Lot 5.2 from RA-2 to B-1 to conform with the zoning of the rest of the lot.

7. Minutes


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