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Rye Rotary Golf Outing Thursday Recognizes 55 Years of Rotary; Honors Councilman & Rotarian Terry McCartney

Terry McCartney

(PHOTO: Councilman & Rotarian Terry McCartney will be honored on Thursday.)

On Thursday, October 12, Rye Rotary is hosting its Annual Golf Outing at Rye Golf Club for a day or Rotary comradery to honor fellow Rotarian Terry McCartney and celebrate 55 years of community service.

“This year, we proudly mark Rye Rotary’s 55th year of service” said Bob Manheimer, President of Rye Rotary “and, we are also very pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Byrne, Rye City School District’s new Superintendent, to the Rotary and Rye community and as a guest and keynote speaker at the event.”

Superintendent Eric Byrne said, "I am honored to have been asked to address the guests at this year's Rye Rotary Golf Outing dinner. I know first-hand the invaluable contributions the Rotary makes to the schools and to the community, and I am looking forward to building on the already strong partnership we share."

Event proceeds will help fund Rye Rotary’s longstanding initiatives for 2017-18 that include; the Dr. Soury Good Citizenship Awards, Rye Girls Basketball Team, and the Rye High Needs Based Scholarship Program. The Club has donated over $100,000 to Rye students since its founding. Under the banner of the Rye Rotary K-12 Program ▪ Making a difference for Rye students and their families, Rye Rotary is working with Rye City School District to identify other student unmet needs and service opportunities.


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