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Osborn School Recycles

Osborn Recycling

(PHOTO: Assistant Principal Tory Walley guides 1st graders Benjamin Biancucci and Jack Van Gunten from Ms. Minella’s class through the recycling station.)

Congratulations to Osborn School, which launched its cafeteria recycling program at lunchtime on January 12. The school worked with We Future Cycle, the same organization that worked with Midland and Milton schools to launch their recycling efforts. We Future Cycle consultants discussed the new program with teachers at a faculty meeting, and then a trainer went to each classroom in the school to teach the students how to use the recycling system in the cafeteria. Finally, the aides and custodians were trained in preparation for the big day.

The school achieved a 97% diversion rate of lunchroom waste – the exact same metric achieved at both Midland and Milton Schools. The students were incredibly enthusiastic about the program and are working hard to learn which leftovers go into which bin. 


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