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Rye City Hall: Watch for and Report Water Main Leaks

Locust Avenue water leak fix

(PHOTO: Work crew fixing a water main leak reported by MyRye.com reader Bob Zahm last week.)


Frigid weather can cause an increase in water main breaks. If you see or hear water leaking from fire hydrants, meters, catch basins, vacant homes or on street surfaces, please contact your water company immediately. Early reporting can help prevent street or property damage or hazardous icing conditions.

SUEZ 877-266-9101, Westchester Joint Water Works 914-698-3500.


Please clear any snow around fire hydrants near your property. This step will help firefighters locate hydrants immediately. Saving precious minutes in an emergency can save lives and property.

To help the Water Companies respond quickly please provide as much information as you can about the location of the leak. You can also help by reporting any damage or leaks to fire hydrants so you’re Water Company can make prompt repairs.

Thank you

  1. Serrano’s motto seems to be:

    If you see something, say something. He will then ignore you and/or play(?) dumb.

    Perhaps he will have his wife, who is a clerk in Yorktown, write an official City of Rye response to you.

  2. If you call Suez about a water leak, don’t count on them showing up any time soon. I have called and e-mailed numerous times to get someone to come out to investigate a potential water leak, with no luck. I spoke with someone on the phone (because they rarely answer e-mails to customer service) a week and a half ago who promised to have someone come to my property within 48 business hours, and have not heard from anyone since. I am well aware of a much more serious water leak on Locust Ave, but if they can’t make it to my property in almost 3 weeks now, at least they could communicate with me why there is a delay.
    Tim Kirby, 36 Orchard Ave

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