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Rye Ice Rescue Broadcast on Live TV

News flash: teenagers make bad decisions.

Rye Ice Rescue Close Up IMG_1641

(PHOTO: Two rescue workers escort four teenage boys off the ice on Playland Lake. Concern of thin and cracking ice prompted the rescue operation.)

On Friday afternoon, four teenage boys walked out onto the frozen Playland Lake, inside the Edith Read Sanctuary and just off the Rye Playland parking lot.

Realizing the ice was not stable, a call went out to fire and police who then had to rescue the boys. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Rye ice rescue wide shot IMG_1636 - EDITED

(PHOTO: The circle shows the two rescue workers approaching the four teens. You can see how far out they were. The arrow shows rescue vehicles in the far back of the Rye Playland parking lot.)

Normally you might not hear too much about such an incident. But when the Channel 7 Eyewitness News helicopter is in the neighborhood, and when all this happens during the early news at the five o'clock hour on a slow news day, all this plays out on live TV.

Watch it:


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