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Home Government Rye Welcomes New Mayor Josh Cohn and New Council Memebers

Rye Welcomes New Mayor Josh Cohn and New Council Memebers

On Monday, Rye's new Mayor Josh Cohn and council members Sara Goddard, Ben Stacks and Julie Souza were sworn-in on Monday.

Cohn Josh swear in

(PHOTO: New Rye Mayor Josh Cohn.)

Cohn Josh speech

(PHOTO: Mayor Cohn delivers his acceptance.)

George Latimer

(PHOTO: New Westchester Boss, Rye resident and former Rye City Councilman George Latimer welcomes the crowd.)

Joe Latwin

(PHOTO: Judge Latwin gets ready to swear in the newbies.)

Sara Goddard

(PHOTO: Sara Goddard swears.)

Julie Souza

(PHOTO: Julie Souza swears.)

Ben Stacks

(PHOTO: Ben Stacks swears.)

Robin Latimer

(PHOTO: Robin Latimer sings.)


  1. OK Josh & new council members …. congrats and get to work

    the roads around the Grace Church circle are literally down to the dirt & winter has just started . I now hear comments regularly fromn friends in other towns around us how the 3rd world condition of our roads is a joke and how they would never buy a house in a town with such crap roads and wondering if Rye is in financial trouble to allow this to happen right in front of multi-million dollar homes .

    get to work . our roads are a disgrace and along with the new federal tax laws are going to kill Rye home values will which will see your tax base erode


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