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Winners of Rye YMCA Distracted Walking and Driving Poster Contest


(PHOTO: The first place poster by Sophie Magalhaes.)

Community leaders gathered at Rye City Hall back on Wednesday, January 3 to select the winners of Heads Up! A Distracted Driving and Walking Poster Contest. The contest, which is part of the Rye Y’s Safe Routes to School initiative, engages Rye High School students in creating posters that illustrate the dangers of distracted walking and driving.

Now, All of the posters will be displayed at the Rye Arts Center. An opening reception and awards ceremony will be held at the Arts Center on Wednesday, January 24 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.


(PHOTO: The second place poster by Courtney Lopp.)

The winners are:
First place: Sophie Magalhaes
Second place: Courtney Lopp
Third place: Sally Eggers

In October 2017, the Rye Y invited students in Nichole Chiffriller’s Photoshop and Digital Photography classes to participate in the Heads Up! contest. Seventy-nine students in four classes participated. After all of the posters were completed, the students narrowed the field to 20 finalists. The Rye Y then convened a panel of community judges who selected the three winners. The judges were:


(PHOTO: The third place poster by Sally Eggers.)

• Dr. Eric Byrne – Superintendent, Rye City Schools
• Josh Cohn – Mayor, City of Rye
• Michael C. Corcoran, Jr. – Commissioner of Public Safety
• Brian Dempsey – Chairman, City of Rye Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee
• Danielle Tagger-Epstein – Rye City Council
• Gregg Howells – Executive Director, Rye YMCA
• Adam Levi – Senior Director, The Rye Arts Center
• Christian Miller – Rye City Planner
• Ilana R. Wagner – Associate Transportation Planner, Westchester County Department of Transportation


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