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Planning Commission Tuesday: Got Gas at Con Ed, The Doctor, The Teardown

The planning commission is Tuesday, April 10, 2017. We've got gas at Con Ed, doctor office rehab and a tear down.

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April 10, 2018 7:00 PM
Held in the City Council Hearing Room of the Rye City Hall



(PHOTO: Got Gas? The Rye Con Ed yard.)

1. Con Edison Rye Service Center CNG Peaking Station (Continued)
Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#369A)
Location: 178 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Sheet 146.10, Block 1,
Lot(s) 70
Applicant: Con Edison Company of New York
Project Description: Request for two-year extension of approval of Site Plan SP#369 and revision to current conditions of resolution

CNG is consolidated natural gas. According to a document posted by the city of Rye in 2017, "(Without the CNG station) While there is no shortage of gas available in the market, the long lead time in developing, designing and planning the necessary delivery capacity to the area makes CNG the only firm gas option available in the short term to meet the projected requirements during extreme cold weather and other emergency conditions. Absent staging the CNG system at Con Edison’s Rye property, there would be an adverse impact to customers in the area as service to existing customers would need to be curtailed and a moratorium on new gas services would be imposed."

266 Purchase Street

(PHOTO: The doctor is in… at 266 Purchase Street.)

2. 266 Purchase Street
Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#371)
Location: 266 Purchase Street, Sheet 139.19, Block 3, Lot(s) 7
Applicant: 266 Purchase Street LLC
Project Description: Interior renovations for new doctor’s office on first floor and partial second floor; new one-bedroom apartment on second flood, new dormers, and new 3-stop elevator.

3. 24 Crescent Avenue
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#436)
Location: 24 Crescent Avenue, Sheet 146.18, Block 4, Lot(s) 72
Applicant: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Iorio
Project Description: Extension of front porch and replacement of existing rear deck with new stone terrace; relocation of existing generator.

48 Brookdale Place Rye NY

(PHOTO: Tear down at 48 Brookdale Place.)

4. 48 Brookdale Place
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#437)
Location: 48 Brookdale Place, Sheet 146.14, Block 2, Lot(s) 28
Applicant: 48 Brookdale LLC (c/o Daniel Demasi)
Project Description: Demolition of existing house and construction of new single-family residence within 100-foot wetland buffer.


1. Con Edison Rye Service Center CNG Peaking Station
See Description Above

2. 266 Purchase Street
See Description Above

3. 24 Crescent Avenue
See Description Above

4. 48 Brookdale Place
See Description Above

5. Playland Market- Outdoor Dining Permit
Required Approval(s): Outdoor Dining (OD#13-2018)
Location: 484-94 Forest Avenue, Sheet 146.19, Block 5, Lot(s) 62
Applicant: Playland Market
Project Description: Request for four outdoor dining tables.

6. 70 Maple Avenue-65 High Street
Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#372) Subdivision (SUB#349)
Location: 70 Maple Avenue/65 High Street, Sheet 146.6, Block 2, Lot(s) 85 & 87
Applicant: 70 Maple Ave. Assoc., LLC
Project Description: Adjustment of mutual property boundary so that parking area for 70 Maple Avenue offices is on the same lot as the structure.

7. Minutes


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