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Rye Town Park “Conversation” is 10am, Saturday, May 5, 2018


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The Rye Town Park Commission is hosting its annual “Community Conversation” program on Saturday, May 5, at 10:00 a.m.  All the public is welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at the pavilions across from the administration building at 95 Dearborn Avenue in Rye.

People will have the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, find out what’s going on with the restaurant, and meet the new Rye Town Park Director, Laurence Vargas.  

“The annual Community Conversation gives all residents and users of the Park the chance to express their views and opinions in an interchange with the Park commissioners in an informal setting. This annual event has proved to be invaluable and informative for all of us,” said Gary J. Zuckerman, President of the Commission.

In addition, people can learn about the many free summer events taking place at the park.  These include seven live music concerts, children “Storytime” led by members of the Rye Free Reading Room, attend an outdoor movie, a magic show, and two presentations of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” 

Support for these events comes from local businesses, including Carpet Trends, The Women’s Imaging Center, and Atria Senior Living.

Events planned for later in the summer include family sand-sculpture projects and kite-flying mornings. 

Rye Town Park has two support groups.  The Friends of Rye Town Park help promote and improve the park, and they are looking for people to help them in their work.  The Rye Town Park Alliance was established recently to provide additional support.

For more information people can call 914-939-3075 or email: Dreisner@TownofRyeNY.com.


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