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Home Food Giant Pretzel and a Froze at Barley Beach House

Giant Pretzel and a Froze at Barley Beach House

BBH Giant Pretzel IMG_2844

(PHOTO: The Giant Pretzel puts the world in perspective at Barley Beach House.)

Some things just place your world into better balance.

The Giant Pretzel (capitalizing out of admiration) at Barley Beach House, served with a view of Oakland Beach and the Long Island Sound, goes on this list. This warm carb gut bomb goes down easily with the view and your choice of a cold draft from the bar.

Sound like we only have a solution for our male readers?

Fear not ladies…

BBH Froze IMG_2842

(PHOTO: Same view, this time with a Froze.)

For those looking for an alternative to a keg sourced beverage, try a Froze, a strawberry grapefruit frozen rose.

And if you go tonight, or any Friday night between now and the end of August, you can cap off your Giant Pretzel and Froze by watching the Rye Playland fireworks show at 9:15pm from any outside patio seat at the restaurant.

Good week or bad week, this should put you in a calm and happy place.


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