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NY State Supreme Court to Crown Castle: Beat It with Your Big Poles

(PHOTO: A judge told Crown Castle AKA Verizon to take their poles and shove it.)

Update issues Thursday from Rye Mayor Cohn on the Crown Castle affair:

The City of Rye is pleased to report the dismissal of Crown Castle NG East LLC v. The City of Rye and The City Council of Rye by New York State Supreme Court Acting Justice Susan Cacace. Justice Cacace held that Crown Castle “lacks standing to maintain this proceeding and may not be heard now to seek enforcement of any of the terms of the RUA (Right of Way Use Agreement), including those provisions which govern environmental review , SEQRA classification, and permit issuance. . . .”

Mayor Josh Cohn said, "The dismissal confirms that Crown Castle has no rights under the Right of Way Use Agreement, thereby leaving Rye free to protect the interests of its residents in accordance with applicable law. The City of Rye is grateful to Judge Cacace for her thoughtful decision and to our counsel team."

Large Poles

(PHOTO: Crown Castle would have shoved their big poles all over Rye.)


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