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Rye Football Starts Now

Rye football families know practice started Monday.

Rye v harrison game

(PHOTO: 2016's Rye Harrison game day t-shirt.)

For everyone else, here is the varsity football game schedule, along with the following observations from Stephen "The Old Garnet" Feeney:

  1. The Garnets kick-off the ’18 season before Labor Day and the official start of classes,
  2. The continued adherence by Section One to the schedule’s improved geographic-centric nature when compared to 2016 and
  3. The final return of the Rye/Harrison Game to (Week 6), the regular season’s finale.

If you are new to Rye, you must go to the Rye Harrison game on Sunday, October 7th. It is kind of a requirement when living here, just ask one of your neighbors.

We will be carrying game day previews from the "OG" all fall.

The varsity schedule:


Saturday, September 1 Rye @ Byram Hills 1:30 PM

Friday, September 7 Rye @ Somers 7:00 PM

Friday, September 14 Sleepy Hollow vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium 7:00 PM

Friday, September 21 Clarkstown South vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium 7:00 PM

Saturday, September 29 Rye @ Eastchester 1:30PM

Sunday, October 7 Harrison vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium 1:30 PM


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