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Is Your Street Getting Smoked This Week? Check the List…

The City of Rye has released more detail on smoke testing it will be conducting on the sewer system this week on October 1st and 2nd, 2018. This is part of the larger smoke testing plan.

Animation of a smoke test

(PHOTO: animation of a smoke test.)

Smoke testing is used to find improper or broken connections in the sewage line, including unwanted or illegal connections of storm water entering the sewage lines. 

Here is a list of streets that should expect smoke testing this week:

Week of October 1 (Anticipated Schedule) ~8 gallons

7. BL-02 (1) (Monday)

• Greenhaven Rd from Norman Dr to south end
• Norman Pl
• Rye Rd from Norman Dr to Greenhaven Rd
• Harbor Ln
• Barlow Ln from Neil Pl to south end near Trails End
• Trails End

8. M-06 (Monday)
• Summit Ave
• Maple Ave
• Central Ave from Summit Ave to Clinton Ave
• High St
• Nursery Ln
• North St from Nursery Ln to Summit Ave

9. BL-13 (Monday)

• Locust Ave from Summit Ave to Haviland Ln
• Mead Pl
• Elm Pl
• Theodore Fremd Ave from Purchase St to Central Ave
• Orchard Ave north-west of Theodore Fremd Ave
• Clinton Ave
• Graham Ct

10. BL-08 (02) (Tuesday)

• Roosevelt Ave
• Rosemere St
• Adelaide St
• Sanford St
• Heritage Ln

11. BL-10 (01) (Tuesday)
• Forest Ave from Sanford St to Gramercy Ave
• Ann Ln
• Rockridge Rd
• Boulder Rd
• Fieldstone Rd
• Stonycrest Rd
• Hook Rd

• Eve Ln
• Clark Ln
• George Langeloh Ct
• Martin Rd
• Beary Ct
• Apawamis Ave from Brown Ave to Forrest Ave

12. BL-14 (Tuesday)

• Boston Post Rd from Station Plaza to Smith St
• Purdy Ave
• McCullough Pl (3rd)
• 2nd St
• 1st St
• School St
• Smith St
• Purchase St from Theodore Fremd Ave to Boston Post Rd
• Locust Ave between Purchase St and Blind Brook


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