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The OG on Rye Football: Rye vs. Clarkstown South @ Clarksdown South, Friday, October 26, 2018 – 6:30 PM

By The Old Garnet


Friday, October 26, 2018, Rye vs. Clarkstown South Vikings @ Clarkstown South 6:30 PM


Alighting from their ash wood longships these 8th century Old Norse seafarers, the CLARKSTOWN SOUTH VIKINGS, swashbuckled into Section One Class A football from Class AA this season. You see the New York State Public High School Athletic Association periodically rejiggers the enrollment bands for athletic competition classifications to produce as close to an equal number of schools in each class (AA, A, B, C, and D) as possible.

Known as piratical heathens and noble savages, the Brown and Gold (what a color combo?) have thus far run the Class A table and enter this semi-final fray as the undefeated # 1 seeded squad. Like the previously mentioned Viking longships, these modern-day football Vikings are built for warfare and exploration as well as being designed for speed and agility.

In the regular season’s fourth contest the Garnets suffered their sole defeat of the year 49-28 to the Vikings. With the Rye Record standing at 7-1 following the regular season, one play-in game and the quarterfinal contest last week, Rye was assigned the # 4 seed.

While the Scandinavians were successful in the 1066 Norman Conquest of England, that was close to a thousand years ago. This Old Garnet is a “homer” and it is the Garnets pillaging the Vikings tonight 32-28 as the Rye Garnets surge Into the Class A finals next week.


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