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Rye PD: Your Packages Are at Risk

Rye PD is warning the bad guys may play the part of Scrooge and steal holiday packages left on your doorstep.

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Here are their tips:

City of Rye Police Holiday Tips to Protect Against Package Theft Have packages delivered to where you are, not where you aren't.

Your home is not the only place you can have your packages delivered. For example, if you work during the day, have items you order online delivered to your place of business instead of your home address.

Set up alternative delivery/pickup options through your local delivery services.

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Whether the majority of your packages are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, each offers alternative delivery and pickup options.
Require a signature for packages you mail to family and friends.

When mailing packages through your local post office or another delivery service, require the packages to be signed for when they are delivered. The small fee associated with this service is well worth the peace of mind you'll receive in knowing that your package will not fall prey to the hands of a thief.
Discourage thieves from targeting your resident with a few strategic home security devices.

Security cameras pointing at your front door, hallway or driveway is better than no camera at all. A security camera will serve as a great deterrent for criminals and it helps to prevent package theft, especially a visible HD security camera

Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles and people in your neighborhood. Putting a stop to package theft and residential burglaries is a team effort. Talk to your neighbors and encourage everyone to keep an eye out for unfamiliar vehicles and people in your neighborhood. This is especially important when a delivery truck arrives on your street. Some thieves follow these trucks around and steal the packages they leave on residents' doorsteps within a few minutes after delivery.

Contact the City of Rye Police and report any suspicious activity (914) 967-1234.


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