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Mr. Met & Other Write-Ins for School Board


(PHOTO: Mr. Met, write-in Rye School Board candidate… Credit: Richiek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

MyRye.com finally received the write-in votes for the recent Rye City school board elections – 84 votes across 59 candidate names. This is never material to the election – but it is a reflection on our community. This year, we see some humor, some familiar names, and a couple disturbing entries.

On the fun side, Mr. Met has received a write-in vote again, and so did his significant other, Ms. Met, consistent with prior elections. There were also votes for ex school board execs such as Stephen Feeney (the OG), Bob Zahm, Josh Nathan and Jim Culyer.

Then there were your political statements – Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan. And a couple disturbing ones – Pol Pot and Robert E. Lee.

Cheech also gained a single vote. Apparently Chong did not warrant support.

The complete list follows.

School Board Election May 21, 2019 Write–In Votes from Absentee Ballots,
Affidavit Ballots, Machine #038A, #039A, #040, and Machine #B

Tom Brady 2
Stephen M Feeney 1
S. Feeney 1
Andrew Bevintendi 1
Pol Pot 1
Robert E. Lee 1
Owen Nee 1
Bertrand de Frondeville 2
Deborah O’Gallagher 1
Robert Eroh 1
Eric Manheimer 1
Deirdre Macdonald 1
Robert Brennan 1
Jason Lambert 1
Jonathan Peters 1
Edith Cohan 1
Jennifer Cohan 1
Sandra Mayer 1
Joe Sach 1
Jarad Small 1
Myles Mullaly 2
Mark Surhoff 1
Zugi Byrne 1
Martha Zerega 2
Steven Tuch 2
Andrea Calise 1
Andrew (Andy) Ball 2
Jason Mehler 1
Doug Tuttle 3
Abby Tuttle 3
Edward (Ted) Dunn 4
Roz Larr 1
Hanadi Zakour 1
Pooja Kotecha 1
Jennifer Boyle 1
Julie May 1
Robert (Bob) Zahm 5
Fat Al 1
Fat Al Viteillo 1
Susan Watson 2
Joshua C. Nathan 1
David Biddle Biddle 1
Adrienne Mecca 1
Douglas French 1
Joseph Latwin 1
Donald Trump 4
Ayn Rand 1
R. Reagan 1
Cheech 1
Brian Powers 2
Cybil Powers 2
Mr. Met 1
Mrs. Met 1
William Curran 1
Elizabeth Zahm 1
Jim Culyer 1
Jake Papparella 1
Gwen Millard 1
Sonati Patel 1
None 2


The following write-in names also received a vote but were not counted due to too many names on the ballot which invalidated the ballot:
Dwight Schrute 1
Pam Beasley 1
Susan Watson 1
Jono Peters 1
Glenn C.M. Jackson 1


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