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SURVEY: Rye is a Rich Beach Town

This writer does not think of Rye as a beach town, but maybe that's because most of us have our primary home in Rye. And if we have a second home, it's that one that might be in a rich beach town…

247 survey

Anyway, a new survey says Rye is one of America's richest beach towns. The survey, by 24/7 Wall St., also reports "More than one-fifth of residents in wealthy beach towns… currently live in homes at risk of chronic flooding by 2060, according to science advocacy organization the Union of Concerned Scientists." Yikes.

The listing for Rye reports Rye as #7 on a list of the 34 richest beach towns.

"7. Rye, New York
> Median household income: $172,422
> Population: 15,949
> Poverty rate: 3.2%
> Pct. of pop. at risk of flooding by 2060: 0.5%"

Five of the six richest towns are also nearby – Westport (#6), Larchmont (#5), Southport (#4), Darien (#3) and Old Greenwich (#1).

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