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The OG on Rye Football: Pelham vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium 7:00 PM, Friday, September 27

By The Old Garnet


Friday, September 27, 2019 Pelham vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium 7:00 PM

It used to be an annual affair, just like the old-timers from yesteryear recall, but the football fortunes of the PELHAM PELICANS ebbed dramatically over the past decade and a half. Bouncing back the shore birds swoop into Nugent for the 49th renewal of what was a great football series dating back to 1952.

Rye and Pelham played for 33 straight years from’52 to ’92 sans ’54. Like Eastchester, Pelham Memorial was a SWIAC and CWL charter member and nest comfortably in third place of all Garnet antagonists in games played at 48, but plummet with their pouched bills coming up close to empty at 41-5-2 (.854).

Victims of 19 straight crash landings against Rye the Blue and White plan to ruffle Rye’s feathers, but having won only five times in sixty-six years, it’s time to call Peltown Taxi for pick up. Pelicans flap, Garnets zap. PLUCK THE PELICANS ! ! !


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