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Heard in Rye: Talking with Your Kids About Their Bodies, Relationships & Sex

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Heard in Rye welcomes Lisa Osherow, MA health and sexuality education expert, who will discuss how to talk with your kids about their bodies and healthy relationships. The program is for 6th-12th grade parents.

Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 7pm
Rye Free Reading Room

Lisa Osherow

Lisa is an educator and nationally recognized with a Masters in health and sexuality education. For most parents, speaking with children about their bodies and sex can be awkward. Lisa helps parents feel more confident about the language they use when speaking with kids of all ages about their bodies and sex, in order to foster healthy, safe and consensual relationships in future.

Register here (there is no cost).

Watch Osherow at a local TedX talk in Tarrytown from 2015:

  1. She says about your kids “and no one can touch them without consent”. Obviously she’s not talking about the impending law mandating the HPV vaccine for all children attending school. People, contact Steve Otis and tell him to vote no against the impending HPV mandate and repeal the vaccine mandate Steve Otis already voted for. These mandates violte the Nuremberg Code, informed consent, and are unconstitutional.


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