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Santa Brought Norovirus to The Osborn Home

The Osborn Home was hit by the Norovirus over Christmas, impacting about 30 of the residents. Norovirus, according to the CDC is "a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. People of all ages can get infected and sick with norovirus."

The Osborn reports it is under control with no one in serious condition. LoHud.com had a report just after Christmas:

Osborn Norovirus

"Norovirus sickens about 30 people at the Osborn in Rye

RYE – About 30 people were sickened by norovirus at a senior complex in Rye recently.

The highly contagious virus spread at the Osborn, a nonprofit community for seniors that includes independent and assisted living, rehabilitation and nursing services. It sits on more than 55 acres on Theall Road.

Richard Sgaglio, a spokesman for the Osborn, said today that the outbreak started about a week ago. About 30 people — mostly residents but also some staff — have been ill since then, he said, though no new cases have been reported in the last two days.

Several of those people have gone to a hospital because of dehydration or other medical complications, though none of them appeared to be in serious condition, Sgaglio said. It's unclear how the virus made it to the Osborn.

The outbreak started in the facility's assisted-living area before spreading to the independent-living space, Sgaglio said, and some sections of the complex have not been affected. Activities have been canceled and the dining room has been closed to help reduce the spread of the virus, he said….

…Common symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. People can help prevent the virus from spreading by washing their hands often, rinsing fruits and vegetables, staying home when they are sick for two days after their symptoms stop, and avoiding preparing food for others when they are sick, according to the CDC."

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