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VIDEO: Rye High Senior Assaulted at House Party, Family Speaks Out. Active Rye PD Investigation.

UPDATE: From Lt Mike Anfuso, detective division of the City of Rye Police: "This assault is an ongoing investigation. Since the Mullaly’s shared one of the videos from that night we would ask anyone that can identify the subjects seen assaulting the youth in the video to please contact Rye Detectives at (914) 967-1234."

House party assault 1

A Rye high school senior was brutally assaulted by a group of other kids the evening of Saturday, February 15, 2020. Rye PD indicated to CBS2 that the investigation is active and arrests are expected.

The family is speaking out hoping witnesses and others with information will come forward. Both parents spoke with CBS2 – father James Mullally described a "crowd of predators" descending on his son, and mother Marie-Louise Mullally said "look at that video – what if it was your son?".

We hope witnesses and others with information are brave enough to come forward.

You can send anonymous tips to Rye PD by 

Email: tips@ryepd.ryeny.gov
Phone: 914-760-4243

The video is hard to watch.

From CBS2:

"RYE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A vicious brawl at a house party in Westchester County was caught on camera.

Police are investigating as the parents of one teenager speak out, hoping someone will come forward.

Cell phone videos capture brutality outside a house party full of teenagers in Rye.

It was a Saturday night, the day after Valentine’s Day….

…Witnesses to the caught-on-camera crime, where six to eight young people ganged up on a single victim, are slow coming forward.

That’s what Marie-Louise and James Mullally say the cops told them. They’re on a mission to solve this for their son.

House party assault 2

“Our son was assaulted,” Marie-Louise Mullally told CBS2’s Dave Carlin. “They punched him relentlessly and basically knocked him unconscious.”

They say their son was at a different teen’s house, talking to a group of uninvited guests, wanting them to leave.

Then he was dragged outside.

House party assault 3

They say their boy, who is a senior at Rye High School and a golf enthusiast, is now healing.

But they say the attack was tough on him mentally, especially with videos circulating so quickly online.

“The psychological damage, the bullying that’s going on, throwing this all over social media like you’re proud of it,” James Mullally said.

A Rye Police spokesman said no one from the department would go on camera to talk about the case but emphasized that the investigation is very active and arrests are expected…

…The parents say they learned the suspects at the party were not from Rye, but from the neighboring town of Harrison."

Rest of the story.



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