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Home Government Rye Officials Looking to Confirm Online Reports of COVID-19 in Rye

Rye Officials Looking to Confirm Online Reports of COVID-19 in Rye

Saturday evening there have been online reports – unconfirmed by health authorities – of a case of COVID-19 in Rye. City of Rye officials are asking for help if any impacted person(s) will identify themselves to officials. 


When contacted by MyRye.com Saturday late evening, Mayor Josh Cohen said "We posted shortly after receipt at 5 pm yesterday information from the County to the effect that Rye had no known cases of COVID-19. This evening, we have become aware of online discussion of a case in Rye, but we don't have confirmation of that case from the County. If the person in question is not known to the County and State Health Departments, it would be most helpful if she would identify herself to them so that appropriate consideration and assistance may be given. The hotline number for people with known exposure to COVID-19 is 866-588-0195. The County's information number is 211. I will be happy to facilitate that communication (jcohn@ryeny.gov), if that would be helpful.

I hope any of our residents who may suffer with this disease know that their neighbors support them and wish them a speedy recovery."


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