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CLOSED: Rye Golf, Boat Basin, Tennis Courts


Rye Golf Closed



Acting in response to new guidelines from the state, Rye will close golf, boat and tennis facilities immediately thru Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Details follow:

Coronavirus Update – April 10, 2020

Post Date: 04/10/2020 1:46 PM

I am sorry to intrude on residents’ holidays. I must share news that may affect weekend plans.

Yesterday, New York State declared golf courses and marinas for recreational boating non-essential. Although this declaration did not apply to facilities owned by governmental entities, the State is closing its own golf courses until May 7.  The County and your City will act in parallel.

The City will also close today its tennis courts and boat basin until May 7.  Certain work may continue at the basin in preparation for May, when most boaters first return and when we hope we will be able to open the facility.   Essential transit to Hen Island will be permitted.

Please direct any questions about these closures to RGC or boat basin staff or COVID@ryeny.gov.

It is important to observe the cooperation the Rye Golf Club Commission has displayed in its effort to assure observance of social distancing and related safety measures at the Golf Club.

The City, like the County and the State, has tried to strike a balance in its management of recreational facilities in this difficult period.  We will continue to consider carefully the decisions of the Governor and the County Executive, both of whom are advised by their respective departments of health.  We are hopeful that the circumstances of the pandemic will allow reopening of facilities in May.

I know that some will be disappointed by these closures, but I trust that it is understood that the City is acting with the goal of protecting the health of all.

Be well!

Mayor Josh Cohn


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