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Rye-ote: Coyote Pupping Season in New York State

Coyotes 2010 Rye Golf Club

(PHOTO: In 2010, Rye’s Grizzly Adams AKA Jim Horton releases a mother coyote and her eight pups to a new location after trapping them on the Rye Golf Club.)

April is coyote pupping season in New York, and that includes Rye. Jay Heritage Center posted the video below showing a coyote traversing its back field adjacent to the Marshlands Conservancy.

“Coyotes are an integral part of our natural ecosystem and provide many benefits to New Yorkers,” said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. “Coyotes will naturally avoid interacting with people if their fear of people is maintained, but if coyotes learn to associate people with food, conflicts can occur. New Yorkers are encouraged to follow DEC’s guidance to prevent coyote problems from occurring.”

Back in 2010, Rye residents experienced two very unusual coyotes attacks, resulting in helicopters, police and finally a trained animal trapper securing and relocating several coyotes found at Rye Golf Club. See tips from the State DEC on how to deal with coyotes.


And here is a video of the 2010 release of a coyote and her eight pups:


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