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176 COVID-19 Positives in Rye; No Updates from State on Westchester Resident Deaths – Wednesday, May 6, 2020

George Latimer COVID-19 briefing May 6, 2020

(PHOTO: Rye guy and Westchester County boss George Latimer during his May 6, 2020 press briefing on COVID-19.)

The numbers provided by Westchester County as part of its new COVID-19 reporting regime on Tuesday were inaccurate. Reporting accurate numbers has been a continuing struggle for all levels of government.

We are assured by the county today’s numbers are reliable, so here we go.

For Wednesday, Westchester reported the following City of Rye numbers:

176 total COVID-19 cases since inception;
11 active COVID-19 cases (this assumes the remaining 165 have run the average two week contagion cycle and are no longer active);
0 new COVID-19 cases.

Rye guy and Westchester County boss George Latimer delivered his COVID-19 update Wednesday from a new memorial, the Ribbons of Remembrance at the county’s Lenoir Preserve, dedicated to Westchester County residents who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

Visitors will find the memorial a short walk away from the Lenoir Preserve parking lot in front of the Wightman Mansion. Ribbons and permanent markers will be available at the memorial. Visitors are encouraged to write the name of someone they have lost on the ribbon and tie it to one of two trees or the rope structure.

“We need within our culture certain social points where we can come together. We have all lost people that we know and love through this process. This is a chance to do something tangible to remember that person in those quiet moments, when it’s you, the remembrance of your loved one and nature,” said Latimer.

Just like everyone else, Latimer is looking at the NY State COVID-19 tracker for county and state level statistics on the pandemic. As of 6pm Wednesday, the State has not posted updated numbers. We will post numbers as they become available.Coronavirus_WCMunCount_0506-page-001


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