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Disbrow Park Tennis Courts Opening Friday

After hinting at it last week, Rye will open the Disbrow Park tennis courts on Friday, May 21, 2020.


Courts will be open for limited play, free of charge for City of Rye residents only. Open hours will be 10am – 7pm from Monday to Friday only. The courts will be closed on Memorial Day.

Here are the guidelines from Rye Recreation:

  • All players must be City of Rye Residents
  • Singles play ONLY
  • All players must check-in with the attendant before playing.  MASKS are required at check-in, entering and exiting the court, but not during play.
  • Photo ID’s are required at check-in.  All participants’ names and addresses must be recorded for the purpose of contact tracing.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO LESSONS of any kind are permitted
  • Game play is limited to 55 minutes (on the hour); please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your playing time to check in and wait in designated areas.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained at all times when on the property including in the parking lot. Please leave immediately following play.
  • Children will not be allowed to roam the facility or courts during this time.
  • All players play at their own risk


  • Advanced reservations are REQUIRED and can only be made on-line.  One must reserve their court at least 1-hour prior to play.
  • Create your account at Skedda
  • Reserve your court: Skedda (* For the safety of staff, No in person reservations will be accepted at this time.

These new procedures and hours of operation are on a temporary basis and are subject to change at any time. Non-compliance will result in the closure of the courts.

Restrooms are closed, benches have been removed.  Please plan accordingly.

USTA recommends

  • No changing sides of the court
  • Use your racket or foot to pick-up balls and then hit them
    to your opponent; avoid using your hands to pick up the ball
  • Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment. Wash your hands promptly if you have touched your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • If a ball strays from an adjoining court, use your racket or foot to return it
  • Open two cans of tennis balls that do not share the same number on the ball. Take one set of numbered balls, and have your playing partner take a set of balls from the other can. Proceed with play, making sure to pick up your set of numbered balls only. Should a ball with the other number wind up on your side of the court, do not touch the ball with your hands. Use your racquet head or feet to advance the ball to the other side of the court.

For additional health and safety, please refer to the Player Tips and Recommendations of the USTA.


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